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Our powerful machines give your clothes a perfect clean, so you can enjoy fresh, ready-to-wear comfort.



After our expert wash, we dry your clothes, leaving them soft and ready to wear in a flash. ️


Dry cleaning

We handle your clothes with expert dry cleaning, preserving their beauty and keeping them looking sharp.



We banish creases with professional ironing, sending your clothes back crisp and ready to impress.



Our industrial-strength machines and expert laundry services keep your hotel linens fresh and fluffy any time.



We pick up your clothes and deliver them back sparkling clean – all on us. Savor the convenience.


Barker dry cleaning Parkstone

Bespoke door to door laundry.
Forget superfluous names, remember just Barker. We’re a company built on generations of unwavering commitment to quality. Our name isn’t just a label, it’s a promise. Matthew Barker, heir to this legacy, carries the torch with pride. He meticulously hones the skills passed down, perfecting the craft of immaculate laundry. His vision? To weave the Barker name into the very fabric of quality across the globe. With every garment entrusted to us, we honor a tradition of excellence. Choose Barker, and experience the difference that generations of passion can make. Your laundry deserves a legacy.

75+ Years of excellent service

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Address: laundry address27 Church Rd, Poole BH14 8UF
Pick up / Delivery area: Southern England and Greater London
Phone number: +441202748751
Working hours:
Monday 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Tuesday 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Wednesday 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Thursday 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Friday 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Saturday 08.00 AM – 02.00 PM
Sunday – Closed

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David BarkerDavid Barker
07:14 07 Jun 24
Excellent laundry service and very good customer care.
Chancey mcdeeChancey mcdee
10:38 31 May 24
Expensive, not completed on time, nearly took buttons off my waistcoat which they washed separately and blamed the quality of the suit despite the rest of the suit not losing buttons? staff would have let me walk out without comment it if I hadn’t spotted it. Avoid this place.
17:36 21 Mar 24
Thank you to the team in Ashley Cross, i dropped off a suit for dry cleaning and they were able to meet the challenge of returning in two days.
Gordana CoombesGordana Coombes
19:42 23 Feb 24
Fantastic service!
Harry BHarry B
17:43 19 Jan 24
Awful service, director of the company blamed the fact they have ruined my item on me saying the coat should’ve withstood the service even though they put it into a washing machine rather than the dry clean I payed for. Avoid!
21:54 04 Nov 23
John RowleyJohn Rowley
09:27 07 Oct 23
Caleb VenableCaleb Venable
12:39 31 Aug 23
Great service, got my suit cleaned here before a wedding and they were able to do it just in time!
Lorraine HillLorraine Hill
09:00 15 Apr 23
Just paid over £20 for a white coat to be dry cleaned and its still got water marks on cuffs and sleeves. Usually take it to stitch and sow Boscombe and get it cleaned for £10. And it’s always cleaned beautifully. Not impressed. Won’t be using Barkers again.
Ruth RenshawRuth Renshaw
17:13 04 Aug 22
Very disappointed with the service of our wedding attire. Asked for a three piece suit and a wedding dress and veil to be steamed. Staff took my dress out in front of me to look at the size to quote me appropriately, which was fine, but proceeded to fold my dress and throw it onto a pile of clothes (clean or dirty, I’m not sure). Upon receiving my clothes a few days later, they didn’t know which was my dress, as they hadn’t attached a ticket, and after I checked my dress was correct, a lady came up and quickly tried to hang up one side of the dress, after realising that they hadn’t hung it correctly (it still wasn’t hung correctly, adding stress to the stitching in the dress). Furthermore, my husbands suit was pierced with a safety pin, which was unnecessary and could have been attached through the tags or belt buckle. His waistcoat had not been pressed, and significant creases left in his jacket and trousers, along with dirty marks that were not on his new suit when we gave the clothes over to the staff. We ended up not only having to press his clothes, but cleaning them as well. The suit was new, and I had informed staff that they had the tags on and spare buttons in a pocket, which was heated and the plastic melted. This shows such lack of consideration for their customer’s belongings, and is extremely disappointing upon paying for a service.
Louis CurleyLouis Curley
07:34 06 May 22
Incredible service. I needed a shirt dry cleaned rather last minute for a wedding and with no hesitation they were able to help me. What even impressed me more, was the actual people. Genuine and down to earth, one of best customer services I have ever received. Barkers dry cleaning you now have a customer for life.
chris rammchris ramm
11:33 08 Feb 20
it’s possibly not a ususal thing to say that going to the laundry is one of the highlights of the week, but I can definitely say that I certainly look forward to the experience. Excellent customer service, and to be known by name, and to engage in good conversation with the staff is a pleasure and to see a team working together as one is also a joy to watch, when compared to some places I have worked myself. Hats off to the staff, they know their jobs, and the intricacies of their work, and make customers fully welcom.

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